Understanding Your Pet Productions

We live in the age of video marketing. Television, advertising, and just about every type of social media serve as proof. If you want to convey a message, you are best served by putting it on video, as it provides a perfectly targeted approach to reaching the consumer.

Understanding Your Pet Productions is a full-service, veterinarian-owned video production company. Our aim is to bridge the communication gap between veterinarians and their clients by creating original and custom video content that can be used for vet websites, advertising, or educational purposes. The videos we create enable veterinarians to build relationships by directly sharing their approach to patient care with both existing and potential clients.

Our philosophy is that when relationship-centered care exists between veterinarians and pet parents, only good things happen.

Animals and their pet parents receive…

Veterinarians also benefit from video marketing's ability to elicit an emotional response. The emotion generates a need for the client, which ultimately drives them to the veterinarian and opens the door for relationship-centered care. It creates an increasingly loyal client base, while providing an appeal to a higher level of new clientele.

In addition to our custom video packages, we also offer our Dr. Scott Video Series. Featuring Dr. Scott Weinman, along with other leading veterinarians, these free videos are easy to download and link to your website, serving as highly effective marketing tools for your practice.

For information about our custom video packages, the Dr. Scott Video Series, or to learn more about what Understanding Your Pet Productions can do for your practice, we invite you to contact us today.